Asian Parenting: Don’t Shame Your Family. Don’t See a Counsellor.

I may never forget the awkward look on my mom’s face. It was as if I had suggested something that would put the whole family to shame. Or perhaps, that was exactly what I did.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media

Thanks to advanced analytical tools, I knew the exact time of day to publish my photos, videos and posts to receive the most feedback. And if the result did not meet my expectation, I immediately began to question what went wrong. “What could I have changed? Was it the hashtag? Too many? Not enough?”

Let’s Break Up, Makeup

“I told you my mom was a makeup artist, right? I think I’m the only person who’s seen her without makeup. Everyday she’d wake up 2 hours before to do makeup so by the time I was awake, she’d be ready to walk me. Perhaps the divorce made her feel insecure… but she passed away not knowing how beautiful she is barefaced.”