Dear Fighting Parents, Please Learn to Communicate. – Your Adult Children

Watching her running out of the house, I wanted to go after her but thought about my sister. Instead, I walked back into the dining room and begged my dad to go after her. Instead, I walked back into the dining room and begged my dad to go after her.

They Don’t Mean to Push You Away, Adult Children

“Because you haven’t thought about us. Have you thought about how we felt when you made all your life decisions? You don’t even consider what we have to say, so of course, it’s hard for us to tell you anything.”

Why Don’t You Talk About Childhood Trauma?

“Yeah. When I was about grade 4, I remember skipping school one day. It was right after their divorce. My mom was curious when the school called. I didn’t have a cellphone then, but she guessed where I could have gone and called my dad.”

You said I Hurt You, But Why Can’t I Remember?

“Well, it felt like an eternity! I was so afraid and ashamed that the neighbour would see me crying on the stairs. Out of embarrassment, I climbed up to the rooftop of our apartment and hid next to the storage.”

Don’t Kill My Emotions. Let Me Be Negative.

“Just let me be. Am I not allowed to be angry, upset or frustrated? This is how I express myself, just like when you screamed or punched me a few times. Don’t try to kill my emotions. I don’t have to be okay.”

Those Left Behind: Why Did You Kill Yourself?

“Well, actually, it wasn’t. They’ve known her suicidal behaviour. She’s attempted twice before, and when she succeeded, it was at her aunt’s house. They thought she’d be safe with the constant watch of her aunt.”

Why It’s So Hard to Be Your Partner’s Best Friend

“Maybe it’s because if I were your friend, I’d like to know. Knowing hurts and makes me feel insecure, but I’d rather understand your pain than turning away.”

Why It’s OK to Seek Recognition

“Well, of course, all those things matter. That’s what society is after. It’s people like her who will succeed in life because she strives to climb the corporate ladder, to be successful and be rich.”