Why It’s So Hard to Be Your Partner’s Best Friend

“Maybe it’s because if I were your friend, I’d like to know. Knowing hurts and makes me feel insecure, but I’d rather understand your pain than turning away.”

I’m Not Jealous, But Don’t Talk to Me About Your Ex

“I told you I’m not a virgin before we started dating, but you seem to think that it was a one-off mistake with only one ex. Well, it wasn’t.”

When You Won the Fight But Lost the Relationship

“No, I didn’t know. I thought things were going well. And I did ask her. I asked her to tell me her honest opinion, but she refused. All I had was the silence.” *still frowning*

People Die Everyday, But What If It’s Your Family?

“His mother told the reporter she heard his son’s voice turning weak and finally became inaudible. “I kept calling his name, but there was no sound on the other end,” she said.”

Relax, You Are Allowed to Hate Those You Love

“Just those things about… why are we even together? are we right for each other? maybe this is not going to work… yeah, you know I said them to hurt you back, right? Like I didn’t actually mean any of it…”

So You Hurt to Avoid Your Own Pain

That question hit me hard. Seven and a half years, we had never discussed either of our insecurities. We prided ourselves being the most stable couple for not fighting, but what we were really doing was avoiding.

We’ve Got the Definition of Communication All Wrong

“Every time we argue, you sound so right with your words. And when I try to speak, you refute my speech faster than my brain processes. It really hurts… when you don’t listen… almost a suffocating feeling.”

The Hard Truth About Long Distance Relationships

“I’d say let’s take it one step at a time, but I also don’t want to be naively optimistic. Based on my experience, if we couldn’t make this a short-distance, the chances are we may not be together a year or two from now.”