East vs West: Understand Collectivism and Individualism through Tombs and Graves

“Although we had just celebrated the Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan, the idea of how different people in the east and west remember the deceased is still rolling in my head.”

To Those Who Take Pride in Honesty

” Striving to tell the truth is really for your own benefit. That way, you can convince me of your reality. You want to see yourself as a good and righteous person, and being honest helps you build that facade. “

Let’s Break Up, Makeup

“I told you my mom was a makeup artist, right? I think I’m the only person who’s seen her without makeup. Everyday she’d wake up 2 hours before to do makeup so by the time I was awake, she’d be ready to walk me. Perhaps the divorce made her feel insecure… but she passed away not knowing how beautiful she is barefaced.”