To Those Who Think They Are Just Being Honest

Is that all there is? Are you sure?

In retrospect, our presence at the lunch table must have been an obnoxious sight to the rest of the office. Just like the popular kids in high school, we hovered over the largest table closest to the microwaves and the vending machines.

Leaning over on the lunch table, I could not help but be curious about what they had brought or bought.

Me: I’m so disappointed in you! Where did you get that? Don’t tell me… you went out to get this junk with her!? You’ve been so good with the salads! *exclaimed loudly*

He: Well… I mean… I thought maybe just this once. She said KFC had a deal today and asked if I had brought lunch. And it just so happened that I didn’t… *muttered sheepishly*

Me: But you could have gotten something else from KFC! Seriously, I can’t believe you. I thought we were in this together! Those greasy fried chicken skin… *shook my head and lifted my quinoa salad to him*

He: Okay… I will just have three out of this bucket. You can be so blunt with your comments. Remember last time when I opened a Reese’s cup and you passed by?

Me: ARE YOU GOING TO EAT THAT? *half-laughing*

Photo by Jonathan Leppan on Unsplash

For the longest time, I’d been recognized as the most direct person on the team.

I was even proud of the recognition.

The person who was unafraid to speak the truth.

The mosquitoes were relentless. They refused to stop attacking my legs despite the air-conditioned room. I thought they were unable to fly against the wind. Wait, the fans are not on.

I felt my phone vibrated on the table and peered at the professor through the corner of my right eye.

Me: Hey, sorry, in class.

She: Oh, no worries. I’m on the phone too.

Me: You okay? You two all good?

She: He just called me rude and ridiculous.

Me: ???

She: I called him out on something earlier and he was telling me how I could be so harsh sometimes. Well, how else was I supposed to put it? It’s his fault.

Me: Ha… I think I know what he meant. You can be very straightforward at times. And that is likely to make the receiver defensive.

She: Well, should I just sugar coat it like everyone else?

Me: I guess that depends. Do you want him to understand your perspective or do you simply want to hurt him? Often times, our intention is a mix of both.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

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