Why It’s OK to Seek Recognition

We all make our own choices, and we all live with the consequence of our decisions.

Picking at my dense matcha cheesecake, I quietly resolved to set my judgement aside and just listened.

She: You know what? I just need my opinion to matter. In my current company, I feel like my presence isn’t valued. That’s why I’ve been aiming at getting an MBA because there, my ideas will be respected. *looking into the distance*

Me: Right, so you don’t feel appreciated at your current job?

She: Not at all! I told you about that guy who pisses me off every day, literally. Also, this company is not contributing much to my career plan. It’s not a big-name company like my previous one. *resigned*

Me: So a big-name company is more beneficial for your career?

She: Yes, definitely. It looks better on my resume. And you know, I didn’t get this feeling at my last job. There, my work was recognized. *hand gripped into a fist*

Photo by Matosem on Unsplash

Those around us confirm our existence.

The need for recognition may be primal.

Dominance is a strategy to survival.

Recounting the conversation to my mom, I shrugged and propped a pillow beneath my chin. Next to me, my sister was playing her newest Nintendo game.

Both hands on the controller, she suddenly spoke up…

She: Well, of course, all those things matter. That’s what society is after. It’s people like her who will succeed in life because she strives to climb the corporate ladder, to be successful and be rich. *tone scolding*

Mom: Yes, but there may come one day that these people get to the top and realize how empty it is. No matter how high you climb, one day, you will need to step down and let others take the seat. *shot back*

She: Doesn’t matter. They’d already be rich. *definitely*

Unsure how to continue, my mom and I stared at the TV for a few seconds.

Me: I guess the world also needs people like her to run the business world. Perhaps, there is a place for everyone to belong.

Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

Do we go along with the societal expectation or fight it?

How can we be sure that our way is the right way?

And is there even a wrong way to live life?

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