Teasing for You. Humiliation for Her

Don’t be so easily offended.

Waking up early on Sundays for church services may bring painful childhood memories for many believers. As a university student at the time, it was especially agonizing. Not to mention the obligation I felt having to attend with his entire family.

As soon as the pastor began speaking, my eyelids grew heavy. The cushioned chairs felt like clouds. Suddenly, I was jotted by sounds of giggles.

He: I saw you falling asleep. *half-joking, half-scolding*

Me: But you didn’t have to point it out to your parents… *wished I could dig myself a hole*

He: It’s ok. They don’t judge. It was just kind of funny. *shrugged*

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

That was more than five years ago, yet I could remember the shame as clear as if it had happened yesterday.

Thinking I was being too sensitive, I did not tell him to stop.

I mean, cool people are not offended by jokes, right?

Coming out of the bathroom, I pretended that I didn’t just take a little longer than usual to finish my business…

He: Oh great, I thought I’d go handwash my shirt. *getting up from the bed*

Me: Wait, no, umm. Don’t go in there yet… *awkward*

He: That’s ok! I don’t mind it at all. We all stink up the toilets everyday, and I bet yours probably isn’t that bad. *seemingly unbothered*

Me: What!? Is this how you were with your ex? *shocked*

He: Hmm, what do you mean? *confused*

Me: Just… well, I think I’ve been embarrassed about taking longer in the bathroom, farting, and those kinds of things with my ex, so I always try to hide them.

He: What? Why? *surprised*

Me: Because he’d announce loudly to everyone in the house. It doesn’t matter if my friends or his siblings were there.

Photo by Scott Walsh on Unsplash

Calling it humiliation is perhaps too strong of a word.

But what is a good balance between humorous teasing and overboard mockery?

Sometimes, neither of you realizes the accumulated bitterness, so you both continue to hurt.

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