Are You a Prisoner of Views, Likes and Comments Too?

Well, you are not alone.

Moving from uninstalling Instagram and Facebook to deactivating the accounts altogether, I’ve stayed away from social media for a few years now. As an ex-YouTuber, I used to live and breathe off these things.

Recalling the memory of keeping tracks of views, likes and comments, I was obsessed…

Right brain: Wait, hang on, that video! You have more dislikes than likes! Oh boy, you need to do something about it! Take it down NOW! *screamed*

Left brain: Calm down, negative attention is still attention. *sipping iced tea*

Right brain: Umm, you are not getting the usual number of views on this video you just posted… are you sure 10AM was your most popular hour? *scratched head*

Left brain: Yes, I had checked the Tuesday analytics. Relax, if it’s good content, people will click. *shrugged*


Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

I was not even that popular.

To those who looked on with admiration, I’ve said having an online public profile requires a strong heart.

Those comments and thumbs-downs hurt.

No matter how hard I tried to get away from numbers and ratings, they are pervasive. Since I began teaching English online, I had bookmarked my tutor profile page so I can check students’ feedback after each class, if any.

Left brain: The page is loading. Be patient.

Right brain: No! I refuse to believe it! I just got my second 4 rating! Who was it!? I had given my all today! *frustrated howls*

Left brain: Hey, but you also have 6 more 5 stars! And your average is still a 4.97. It will be fine. *reassured*

Right brain: But I will need so many more 5s to bring me back to 4.98! I worked so hard for this… *sobbed*

Left brain: I know. I know. You’ve done all you could, though. You put out your best performance forward, and if some don’t appreciate it, well, too bad. You can’t make everyone like you. Remember Hagrid?

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

I unsaved the bookmark.

Sometimes, your self-worth cannot help but be affected, especially the time when you are most vulnerable,

But you can choose to turn off the notifications.

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