You’ve Misunderstood Suicide

Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

― Marcus Aurelius , Meditations

I had become a regular at this McDonald’s every Wednesday since I joined the language exchange on MeetUp. The hidden rule is that as long as you each purchase something, McDonald’s employees will let you hold an event discreetly.

Savouring my half-melted McFlurry, I had already anticipated the answer…

He: Yeah… the subway is my only complaint about Toronto. It stops in between stations for a long time and doesn’t give you a reason! *voice raised slightly*

Me: Haha, welcome to Canada! It’s a common occurrence here. We are used to it.

He: But what if people are late for work? That’s so irresponsible! In Japan, even if they are late for a minute, they make an announcement to apologize. *tone serious*

Me: Hmm, often times, you hear them over the speaker saying it’s to do with a medical emergency. And that usually means… someone jumped onto the track… *trailed off*

He: What? Suicide? But people here have a relaxing lifestyle, why would they want to kill themselves? *eyes wide*

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

Also, gates and fences do lower the cases of suicide.

There are people who have been thinking about suicide for a while and would do it despite all the preventive measures, but there are also those with sudden impulses.

Make it harder for them.

I particularly enjoy the time after a fascinating lecture. Sharing what I had learned with those who are genuinely interested brings much joy to me.

Strolling along the sidewalk, he listened patiently…

Me: Okay, guess which area has the higher suicide rate? City or the country? *eagerly*

He: Umm, I think the city because, I mean, people’s lives are so much more stressful and going to a 9-5 job everyday probably makes them want to kill themselves…

Me: Haha, I think many people hold the same assumption as you, but… *passing him the phone*

He: What?! No way…!

Photo by Lucas Miguel on Unsplash

Deaths by suicide in Japan, the US and the UK, 2017. Sourced from Health Data GBD Compare

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